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It all started way back in 2007 when I had a discussion with my son about starting an nternet business. Well that business has grown to be "The RC Maintenance King" “CowRC.com”. One of the first items was based on a hobby problem we both experienced” keeping track of loose metal screws and hardware” and the “Screw Catcher Work Mat was born”. With the help of a loyal fan base, years of involvement with sponsorships, and dedication to good business practices Cow Performance Company now sets the standard in magnetic work mats and maintenance products for the R/C car hobbyist.

Now let’s get back to “Stuck2U” I am a veteran advertising and marketing professional who after 5 decades of involvement in Retail and B to B is embarking into the e-tail market place with several offerings. Stuck2U is a general use Application of the “Cow Performance Company Work Mat”; a homeowners user friendly size, wide open faced single corral, and hang able pouch set it apart from its cousins, However the quality, performance and manufacturing is Pure Cow Performance Standards. An extra wide .25 inch thick Foam Border, 60 mil Magnetics, and 1 mil matte white vinyl work surface are premium features of the Patent Pending 6”x9” Stuck2UMag-Mat.

To ensure your satisfaction we have Stuck to the best manufacturer, Stuck to a general purpose format, and hope that we will be “Stuck2U” our e-tail and reseller Customers.

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